XO SMASH BURGER13,50*title*
Aged XO Beef / American cheese / homemade ketchup / special sauce / lettuce / mustard caviar / pickles + onions*description*
XO HOT SMASH13,50*title*
The original... with habaneros + chipotle*description*
XOh NO! BEEF BURGER (vt or v)12,90*title*
Korean-fried portobello mushroom / gochujang / napa cabbage / yoghurt mayo / sesame*description*
XO Beef Pastrami / Emmental / Russian dressing / sauerkraut / pickled cucumber / English mustard*description*
NAAN TAN8,50*title*
XO Beef braised in masala tan / minute made Naan bread / hummus mayo / pickled red onion / coriander*description*
NAAN TAN (v)8,50*title*
Shiitake mushrooms / beluga lentils / masala tan / fresh grilled naan bread / hummus mayo / red onion / coriander*description*
RENDANG CROQUETTES (3/5)8,50/11,50*title*
Indonesian XO Beef curry croquettes / cucumber sunomono / hummus mayo*description*
DIRTY FRIES (vt)4,90*title*
Hand-cut waldviertel spuds / double-fried / homemade joppie sauce / fresh herbs / sesame*description*
SALAD WEDGES (vt)4,50*title*
Lettuce hearts / miso-yuzu marinade / yoghurt dressing / spice roasted peanuts *description*
XO KÖFTE x LUKAS MRAZ (Sat only)13,50*title*
Spiced XO Beef Köfte / yoghurt mayo / pickles / parsley sumac salad / shallots / Sriracha / coffee oil*description*
PHILLY CHEESE STEAK (Sun only)15,90*title*
Grilled XO Beef steak / peppers / mushrooms / special cheese sauce*description*
XS SMASH BURGER (kids only)8,90*title*
One XO Beef patty / brioche bun... plus any toppings you fancy*description*



Natural Wine- glass (1/8)*display*
Grüner Veltliner Geyerhof4,50*title*
Rose by Nature5,00*title*
Preisinger - Puszta Libre4,50*title*
Straka - Welschriesling 4,50*title*
Natural Wine - bottle*display*
Passionately selected list of our favourites - changing regularly*title*
Trumer (vom Fass 0,33)3,80*title*
Trumer (von Fass 0,5)4,50*title*
Trumer (FL 0,33)3,80*title*
Trumer Alkoholfrei (Fl 0,33)3,80*title*
Obertrumer Zwickl (Fl 0,5)4,50*title*
Augustiner Lager (Fl 0,5)4,50*title*
Belgier Pale Ale (Fl 0,33)4,90*title*
Schalken IPA (Fl 0,33)4,90*title*
Schalken OPA (FL 0,33)4,50*title*
Astra (Fl 0,33)3,50*title*
Classic Negroni9,50*title*
White Negroni9,50*title*
Gin + Tonic8,50*title*
Aperol Spritz7,90*title*
Moscow Mule8,50*title*
Empirical diverse5,00*title*
Soft Drinks*display*
Vöslauer prickelnd 2,90*title*
Vöslauer ohne 2,90*title*
Fritz Cola 3,60*title*
Fritz Cola light3,60*title*
Frucade 3,40*title*
Almdudler 3,40*title*
Makava 3,90*title*
Pona Säfte 3,90*title*
Bitterschön 3,90*title*